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Let me talk you through what to expect


You may not have been professionally photographed before and aren't exactly sure what happens. Even if you have been to a professional photographer before not everyone's process is the same. 

Here I will talk you through your experience with me so you know what to expect every step of the way.

I think being clear about what to expect is really important. If you have any questions that I haven't covered here please get in touch so I can answer your question and update this page-  if you have thought of it there will likely be someone else who will have the same query, there are no silly questions!

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Get in touch to have a chat about what you are looking for from your session, ask me any questions and check my availability. When you decide on a date I will send you an invoice for your session fee (£50). You can pay by bank transfer or complete your payment by card. Once you have made your payment your date is secured.

When we speak we will have an informal chat about location ideas, who will be at the session and you can ask me any questions you have. We will also schedule a mutually agreeable date and time to have your pre-session call. This is normally around a week before your scheduled session.

At this stage I will also email you a link to your client portal. Your client portal is unique to you and contains your photo shoot contract, any invoices I have sent you directly and also a questionnaire to help me gather information to help plan your session.

You can see a sample client portal (including contract and questionnaire) here.

You don't need to know what you are all going to wear when you book your session but I wanted to mention clothing here as leaving clothing choices until the last minute can cause uncertainly and stress for some people and we want to avoid that! I have put together some guidance on what to wear, if you would like to check it out you can find it here.


Pre-session call

Your pre-sesson call gives you the opertunity to ask me any other questions that have come to mind, talk a little bit more in depth about who will be involved in the session to help me when I meet everyone and talk through any images you would love captured.

You can tell me all about your kids, their personalities, likes and dislikes to help me build a relationship with them on the day and capture those authentic smiles. We will talk through what your session will look like, whether that is outdoors or at home.



I am always looking for good light and I will guide you to where the best light is and talk you through what to do while you are there, you don't need to worry about "acting natural" in front of the camera, I've got that covered!

I love capturing beautiful family photographs filled with connection and emotion. I will find a perfect spot for you to hold your little one on your lap (or sit next to depending on how big your little one is!) and through the giggles and the cuddles you will have some gorgeous photos that you will love.

When it comes to capturing natural images of your family we would get you interacting with each other, walking, playing, reading and you are photographed while you do these things.

The same applies for children on their own, get them climbing, reading, swinging, splashing, laughing and be there to photograph them. We will take it slowly, get the kids engaged and have fun!

“Just had Catriona round to show us all our pictures. They are amazing!! They have captured everyone’s personalities and special relationships. Can’t recommend Catriona highly enough”

— Lynne

OUTDOOR locations

When it comes to photography the light is the most important thing to take into consideration. The location and time of day can impact this. Talk to me about your location ideas and we'll find somewhere that you love with some beautiful light too!

Maybe you would like to go to a park to play on the swings or a beach to build sandcastles and have a paddle.

We will have a chat about your ideas and find a great location for your session.

There are some beautiful locations local to me in Carnoustie, Crombie Country Park being one of my favourites places. Where do you love visiting as a family?



If you are at all worried about me coming into your home due to the craziness of family life and the clutter that can entail please know that I have kids too and I know how it is!

We would have already talked on the phone about what rooms you would like to use for your photo shoot and you can show me around when I arrive so I can see what the light is like in those rooms. From there we can decide which rooms to use to take photographs in.

I follow a documentary approach to what’s going on around me as I do outdoors and I will also find beautiful spots of light in your home for gorgeous portraits. This is where I will help and direct you to capture real moments and connection, no-one saying “cheese!”. This can be whispering funny jokes in your kids ear and cuddling them in tight, lots of love and not an awkward smile in sight! 



I love the look of natural light so choose to shoot portrait sessions during the day while it is light outside.

Golden hour is the last hour before sunset and it can provide a beautiful backlight to your outdoor images (provided it’s not overcast!). You can check what time the sun will set on this website if you would like an idea of when it will be golden hour on the dates you have in mind.

During the summer months sunset is late, likely too late for younger children however Autumn to mid April we have earlier sunsets and an opportunity to take advantage of that gorgeous light.

If you have younger children we need to take nap time into consideration. Early afternoon may be nice and light outside but if your little one would normally nap at that time we would be better to schedule a time that fits around them. 



Every session is unique and lasts roughly last 1 to 2 hours. 




Are you worried that your kids may misbehave? I have two children and I can totally relate to why you may feel that way!

Kids are just that, kids, they don’t behave perfectly all the time and I don't expect them to. When it comes to your photography session we want to avoid your child feeling under pressure. If they don’t want to swing on the swing, that’s ok, they may want to later but if they don’t, that’s ok too.

For me to capture your children being themselves I want them to be comfortable and happy, engaged in doing something they want to rather than feeling they need to do something as they are being told to. To avoid them being overwhelmed we will take it slowly and create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for them to get on with the business of being themselves.

Every session is unique as every child is unique. I go into our session time together with a plan of action that is fully flexible and led by how your little one is feeling. On the rare occasion that your child doesn’t want to be involved don’t panic! We can easily arrange another time to meet up if we need to.



Adults can feel self conscious in front of the camera and I can relate if you feel that way too.

You won’t be made to feel uncomfortable or be in any images you don’t want to. 

If you would like to be included in your images it is my job to make you feel comfortable, we will speak on the phone before your session where you can talk to me about any concerns you may have and I will talk to you about how I can help. 

When it comes to your session I will find the best light and get you interacting and capture natural moments that both you and your children will love to look back on in the coming years.

Remember mum-You. Are. Enough. If you haven't already checked out my mummy and me video you can watch it here.

Be in the photos because you matter. Be in the photos because you are the centre of your child's world and any worries you have about how you look does not take away from the fact you are an amazing mother. I say these things not to make you feel guilty, I say them to empower you to exist in photographs. I say them because you are loved more than you know.


Catriona was lovely and worked really hard to get some fabulous pictures of my two girls,
despite the 1 year old being a little below par!! We are really happy with the pictures - beautiful natural images of our girls in the autumnal Baxter park. Can’t wait to get them printed and framed. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Catriona.
— Lynsey


Viewing and ordering

I know how busy you are. That’s why I’ve made choosing and purchasing your photographs as quick and easy as possible for you. You’ll have a fully finished gallery of beautiful images to choose from within 14 days of your shoot and you can do all of this online, from the comfort of your own home.

You can also make a huge 15% saving if you order your package within 24 hours. But don’t worry, I let you choose when your online gallery goes live so you can make sure that you have the time and head space to look through them and take advantage of that 15% discount!

Once your password protected gallery is available to view I will get in touch to find out from you when you would like me to activate it. From there you choose which package you would like to purchase and make your payment securely online.

Your digital files will then be available for download after your payment has been completed.

Portrait Books contain 10 images over 10 pages, all you need to do is let me know which 10 images you would it to contain and I will design, order it and have it delivered to you within 21 days.