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As you love spending time both at home and outdoors as a family you can have the best of both worlds with if you would like to have a family photo shoot!

You love cosy days when you can enjoy a cuppy, your kids can play and you get to spend quality time with them. Your family also love being outdoors, discovering new places with the kids learning about the world around them. You are not adverse to kids getting mucky (they're washable!) and you believe learning about nature is a great thing.

I love photographing families both indoors and out. If you were to have a family photoshoot is would be relaxed and casual with the kids playing, happy in their own surroundings at home or outdoors playing and exploring.

Your photographer follows a documentary approach to what’s going on around them and will also find beautiful spots of light in your home for gorgeous portraits where they will help and direct you to capture real moments and connection, no-one saying “cheese!”. Whispering funny jokes in your kids ear and cuddling them in tight, lots of love and not an awkward smile in sight!

You then venture outdoors where the kids can play and let off some steam, you talk and play with your kids as your photographer documents some relaxed family time together outdoors. You walk, chat and explore while your photographer documents the running, laughing and collecting, capturing those natural photos you love.




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