An at home baby photo shoot, Angus, Scotland

Families often prefer to be photographed outdoors but when it comes to little babies photo shoots they are held at home in the cool shade of a summers day or cosied indoors on the colder months.

At home you’re in your own environment, with your photographs personalised to your life as it is in that moment. You’re not having to travel and pack up nappies, a change (or three!) of clothes and everything else that goes with venturing out with your little one (whether they be a newborn or 6 months old!).

I love at home sessions for both babies and families. Not only are the photographs a snapshot of the people and their connection at that time of their lives but also their surroundings, of home. A big benefit is also that you can have a photo shoot at home rain or shine and during any month of the year!

I was contacted by Laser Vision Scotland recently who had run a competition giving away a baby photo shoot as a prize with the winner living a short drive from Carnoustie. From there I got in touch with the winner, Emma and arranged to visit her at home with her baby girl who was 6 weeks old at the time.

Emma and I had a chat on the phone before we met and I walked through what the session would look like, that feeding and changing while I was there were likely as baby sessions are baby led, that we could have a cuppa and a natter, take our time and capture some beautiful photos of them both at home.

Emma suggested we use her rocking chair towards the end of our time together and I am so glad she did as those are some of my favourite images from her session!

Thank you Laser Vision Scotland for entrusting me to be your photographer and to Emma for welcoming me into her home and allowing me to share her session images with you all.

Big yawns!

This is Zeus, he was very sweet!

Nearly asleep….

Sweet dreams little one ❤️

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A relaxed at home Newborn Lifestyle Session on a sunny June afternoon

newborn session.jpg

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this little baby boy, his big brother and his mummy at their home.

I absolutely love lifestyle newborn sessions and I have been looking forward to sharing some of my favourites from this session with you!

For more information on newborn lifestyle sessions you can download my newborn session guide in the freebies section (link at the bottom of this blog post).

newborn session monifieth angus.jpg

You can download your copy of my newborn session guide here!

5 local activities for you and your baby

There are lots of sessions and classes out there for you to attend with your baby, they are fun and interactive for your little one but also for you to meet up with like minded parents. Here I have listed 5 different classes with videos and links to find out what's on in your area.

1. Bookbug Sessions

I am a big believer that reading and singing to your kids from a young age have huge benefits and both my kids loved bookbug sessions. These sessions are free, last around 30 minutes per week and are available all over Scotland.  You can look up your local sessions here.

2. Baby massage

Baby massage is said to have benefits for both mum and baby. Babycentre have lots of information on baby massage here plus 4 different videos for baby massage for calming, helping digestion, strengthening and stretching for you to do at home.


Dundee-Peapodbaby (IAIM*) and Deerbaby in Monikie (founded by Health Visitor Lynn Duncan BA BSc (Hons)

Angus-Jennifer Robson (IAIM*)

Fife-With Carly (IAIM*)

Perth-Baby yoga and massage Perthshire

*IAIM (The International Association of Infant Massage)


3. Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory classes are suitable from birth to 13 months and are available in Dundee, Angus (Broughty Ferry and Arbroath) and Fife.

4. Baby signing

We started baby signing with my eldest (now 8!) when she was a baby using a Sing and Sign dvd. Jaime was able to communicate in basic signs before she was talking and it was great! We did it a little with Finlay (now 3) but not as often or consistently and I wish we had. I also wish I had recorded Jaime signing as it blew my mind at the time! Here is a little video of Finlay, he is signing "pain", "doctor", kind of signing "again" and "where". At the time of recording he could fully sign along to the full song but I didn't catch it that day!

If you are interested in baby signing there are lots of local classes for you to checkout-


5. Water Babies

I am amazed every time I see a baby swimming underwater! I would recommend heading over to the Water Babies website where you can read a wealth of information about their classes, why they do what they do and how.   Water Babies North East cover Dundee, Angus and Aberdeen and Water Babies Central cover Perth and Fife.

Note from me to you-

In an ideal world I would have taken my kids to these classes, I see the benefits of them all and at the time I felt like I was failing in some way that I didn't take them. I suffered from depression and found the thought of getting out and about overwhelming. What I didn't realise in the "early days" of my parenting journey is 1) I was enough and not "failing" my children 2) I was not alone in finding parenting a challenge at points.

I say this because if for any reason you feel "every other mum" does all these activities and you're not good enough, please remember-You are enough.


p.s-Receieve a complimentary maternity mini session when you purchase a newborn session!

Newborn lifestyle photography and why I love it!

newborn baby lying in their cot, blog banner for Catriona Scott Photography

Those first few weeks and months of your tiny baby being in the world seem fleeting when you think back. At the time you are busy with this amazing new addition to your family their first birthday feels a long way off!

Your little one changes so much so fast. They grow and learn at the rate of knots and before you know it you have a baby that smiles, a baby that laughs, a baby that sits, crawls and then walks!

When it comes to newborn photography there are generally two main styles. There is the sleepy, posed newborn images, sometimes with props and wraps then there is the lifestyle option at your home.

If you are not too keen on those posed sleeping shots and would like a relaxed, natural approach to photographing your family, then a lifestyle session if for you.

Newborn baby looking at the camera held in mum's arms

Getting not only yourself but a newborn baby ready to head out the door for an appointment can be a challenge. You don’t need to worry about getting organised and heading out to a studio as I come to your home and photograph your family for you there.

The personal link with lifestyle photography speaks to me. No plain paper backdrops, your home is your backdrop. 

You don’t need to worry about your baby having to sleep through poses, it is the “every day” that I capture for you. A snapshot of your life with your new tiny human!

We will arrange a date and time (which may be subject to change depending on when your little one arrives!) and I will come to your home, camera in hand. We would have had a chat by phone before then to discuss your session. Maybe you have a particular wall space you would like to use for wall art or particular images you would love to have. There may be a few different rooms in your home we can use, for example,  the nursery, the master bedroom or living room.

Your tiny little bundle in their cot that seems so huge (believe it or not they will be too big for it before you know it!), cuddles with mummy and daddy, the gorgeous details of tiny feet and little fingers curled round mummy and daddy’s  fingers. These are your moments, your every day, your everything, and that is what I love to capture. Although I can't freeze time I can document these moments in your life,  and that is something I take pride in and the reason I do what I do.