The local business helping you make a big difference, Sea No Waste, Arbroath

The local business helping you make a big difference, Sea No Waste, Arbroath

Our store is completely plastic free for the customer. Any Product that is in packaging is fully biodegradable or can be composted, even our till stickers are eco friendly.

We hope that our store can be a catalyst for change in our county and highlight the need for more business to be more aware of recycling and if their are alternatives out there.

An at home baby photo shoot, Angus, Scotland

Families often prefer to be photographed outdoors but when it comes to little babies photo shoots they are held at home in the cool shade of a summers day or cosied indoors on the colder months.

At home you’re in your own environment, with your photographs personalised to your life as it is in that moment. You’re not having to travel and pack up nappies, a change (or three!) of clothes and everything else that goes with venturing out with your little one (whether they be a newborn or 6 months old!).

I love at home sessions for both babies and families. Not only are the photographs a snapshot of the people and their connection at that time of their lives but also their surroundings, of home. A big benefit is also that you can have a photo shoot at home rain or shine and during any month of the year!

I was contacted by Laser Vision Scotland recently who had run a competition giving away a baby photo shoot as a prize with the winner living a short drive from Carnoustie. From there I got in touch with the winner, Emma and arranged to visit her at home with her baby girl who was 6 weeks old at the time.

Emma and I had a chat on the phone before we met and I walked through what the session would look like, that feeding and changing while I was there were likely as baby sessions are baby led, that we could have a cuppa and a natter, take our time and capture some beautiful photos of them both at home.

Emma suggested we use her rocking chair towards the end of our time together and I am so glad she did as those are some of my favourite images from her session!

Thank you Laser Vision Scotland for entrusting me to be your photographer and to Emma for welcoming me into her home and allowing me to share her session images with you all.

Big yawns!

This is Zeus, he was very sweet!

Nearly asleep….

Sweet dreams little one ❤️

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Playing in the mud at Crombie Country Park, Angus

Crombie Country Park, Part 1

The weather this Easter holiday hasn't always been on our side for getting out and about. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we headed off to Crombie Country Park with the kids for a walk around the Loch then a play at the playpark there.

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0034.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0035.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0027.jpg

There were lots of opportunities to run, hide behind trees and balance on the ones that had been cut down (that was a firm favourite!).

It had been raining the day before so there were also a few muddy patches. I hadn't foreseen the impact that would have...

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0028.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0041.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0042.jpg

Quite quickly Finlay discovered some muddy sections and was not keen to move on. We moved on from mud patch to mud patch until he found a really good bit with thick squelchy mud, fell on his bottom, got back up and stomped and splashed about some more and refused to leave his little patch of heaven. 

We were still near the beginning of our walk and it had taken quite a lot of negotiation to get that far so we decided to head back the way we came and head to the play park. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses!

I'm working on incorporating video clips into my personal work. For a super quick slideshow and some muddy footage check out the video below-

We will be visiting Crombie again soon as I love the walk there and the kids really love looking out for wildlife (there are swans!) and playing at the park. Fingers crossed we get a little bit further along next time and I can photograph and film more of it to show you.

From April through to the end of September car parking charges apply (£2.80) so remember to bring some change!


Carnoustie Beach Park photo shoot on a sunny March afternoon

Carnoustie beach park photo shoot

It's still a little chilly out at the moment and the weekend is set to bring a bit more cold and maybe a little snow but fear not, Spring is on the horizon!

I do love snow and cosy Winter days at home but I have to admit I really love when we start to get more light and the seasons start to change. Clocks go forward soon (Sunday 25th of March) and sunset will jump forward to just after 7:30pm and will be nearly 8pm when we get to the Easter holidays!

If you haven't already been to Carnoustie Beach Park-it's awesome! It is right next to the beach, close to Carnoustie Golf Hotel and is a big hit with the kids.

carnoustie beach park black and white
Carnoustie beach park playing spring

The great thing about having a photo shoot in a park is that while the kids are busy climbing and playing it gives me the opportunity to photograph them being themselves. The key to natural looking photos is to get the kids involved in an activity or conversation and parks are full of things to do!

carnoustie beach park black and white
carnoustie beach park photo sunny

Glamis Castle family session

A late afternoon family walk around the grounds of a 15th century castle? Yes please!

The grounds of Glamis Castle is somewhere this lovely family spend time playing and walking the dogs and has special meaning for them. Not only were we blessed with a warmer than average October day the clouds also cleared for the sun to peek through and give that backlight that I love. It was a little windy when out in the open but that didn't stop us! 

The Walled Garden was gorgeous with the light filtering through the trees and all the beautiful colours of the flowers. We spent a little time there then went off for a wander through the trees and round to the Italian Garden.

It was a great relaxed walk in beautiful surroundings with lots of tickles, giggles and running races. I have included some of the photographs from the session below for you to see!

Walking with dad in the Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

Walking with dad in the Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

Family includes fury babies too! Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

Family includes fury babies too! Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle

Girl laughing, Glamis Castle, Scotland