Where should I have my family photo shoot?

We are so lucky to live in Scotland, it’s beautiful, there is so much variety on our doorstep but let’s be honest, it can be little dark and cold sometimes!

When you imagine getting your family photos done are you in a studio, your home or outside? When you look at family photos you love, where have they been taken?

Let’s take a look at your options!

Studio photography

Carnoustie studio photography.jpg

The photographer may have different coloured background paper from your to choose from, props or mini sets they use. I have seen some gorgeous setups, some that replicate rooms in a house such as a master bedroom and some super cute ones for Christmas.


-Warm any time of the year

-Photos can be taken anytime as artificial light is used


-Photographs may look very similar to other families

-Confined area for having the photos taken

At your home

indoor at home family photography dundee scotland.jpg

When it comes to having photos taken at your home your photographer may be able to bring a studio setup to you. When this happens they will find a room with enough space to put up their background stand, paper and possibly soft boxes or umbrellas to use flash to light the scene up.

When I first started photographing clients in their home that is exactly what I did. I didn’t have a studio to work out of so I took the studio to my clients. Although this is not a service I offer anymore you can ask your photographer if it is possible. If they show studio work on their website and social media it doesn’t mean it was actually taken in a studio.

For this section I’m going to talk a little about lifestyle photography, and by that I mean using the different rooms in your home for your photos without background stands and paper.

I much prefer to use natural light when I can so that means your at home photos will need to be taken when the sun is up. It also means that not all rooms will be optimal for having photos taken, it depends on the light in the room, where it comes from and even what time of day it is. I’m not going to go into too much details here but suffice to say it’s your photographers job to be able to find the best light in your home so don’t worry, we’ve got this!

indoor children photo shoot Carnoustie dundee photography.jpg


-Warm any time of the year

-Your kids feel comfortable in their own surroundings

-Snacks, change of clothes, favourite toys all close at hand

-Your photo shoot is unique to you and your family

-No need to travel


-If natural light is being used you will be limited to what time of day your photo shoot will take place in the darker months.



Having your family photographs taken outdoors is very popular but how do you choose where to go? Do you have somewhere you love to walk as a family or a special place you like to visit? Choosing a location that you have a connection with a great but not everyone has somewhere in mind. You can have a chat with your photographer about what you are looking for and you will likely find they will have some suggestions on which location to use.

Do you like the thought of going to a park or a walk through the woods? How about photos on the beach? You’ll find sunset will be an idea time for your photo shoot there as there is no shade about and the lower the sun is in the sky the better. Professional photography is an investment, it’s a luxury and not something you are going to do every day. This means finding the right time of day as well as the right location to set you up for a great outcome.

dundee family photography


-Room for the kids to let off steam.

-Multiple “scenes” possible by moving about and going for a walk to use different backgrounds.

-If you have chosen somewhere familiar to your children they are more relaxed.

-More options for exploring, playing, interacting photographs of your kids.

-More unique to your family than a studio photo shoot.


-Looking for milder weather and foliage on trees will restrict what months you can have an outdoor photo shoot.

-May need to be rearranged close to the date/time due to the weather forecast.

brothers sibling photo shoot Carnoustie dundee.jpeg

There are many options for where to hold your family photo shoot, perhaps you would like half your session time at home and the other half outside somewhere close to home? Maybe you want to get your hiking boots on and go for a walk somewhere with rolling hills and beautiful views to incorporate more scenic photographs with your family.

Do you have any other ideas you would like included in this guide? If so just go up to the top right of my site and contact me, I always love to get mail!