We think we're not enough, do our kids agree?

We think we're not enough, but do our kids agree?-2.jpg

I have an exciting video project in the pipeline and I am looking for volunteers, let me explain-

Your day has been manic and it’s not even lunch time. Your youngest managed to get yoghurt all over the carpet while you were frantically looking for your house keys you “put in a safe place” to be able to get out to nursery on time. You feel frazzled, unorganised, you’re running late and feel like you’re not managing adulting very well let alone parenting. Ok, that was me last week....

Sometimes you feel like you’re on top of everything and it’s great. You feel like it’s manageable and wonder why it was ever a struggle. Then it all goes a little bit mental and you wonder how you ever managed to keep on top of everything. 

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We all have self doubt when it comes to parenting. We worry because we care, because we love our children more than anything else in the world and we want the best for them. Unfortunately we can feel our best isn’t good enough. Let me tell you this, you are enough, even if you don't feel like it.

Think of your kids. What do they think about you? What do they love doing with you? Do you know? 

You fiercely love your kids no matter what (now is a good time to link to this book, my voice always goes when I read this to my kids!) and they love you back unconditionally. 

They love that you make them laugh. They love when you chat to them walking along the road. They love when you build that awesome looking tower out of duplo even if they do take quite a bit of joy in pushing it over. They love it when they get to play on their own or with their friends and they love that you are there when they need you.


You are their everything and you’re doing good.  


Yes we all learn every day on how we could have handled things differently. We talk to other parents, read books and articles online about having more patience, about how to raise our kids to be confident and a whole manner of other things to help us do the best we can for our kids. I'm not saying our learning as parents stops or we're all perfect. I am saying you are doing your best, you love your children and you are doing a good job.

My video project involves short interviews with mums and their kids. It involves asking kids ahed 4-6 to describe their mum and what they love about them. Successful participants will receive the final footage of these mini interviews as a thank you. If you are interested in taking part please fill out this application form and I will be back in touch!





Catriona Scott