5 Birthday party ideas in Dundee for older kids

5 Birthday partyideas for older kids in Dundee.jpg

You want to hold a birthday party for your child, you don't fancy holding it at home this year and you're thinking Dundee is nice and central. What options do you have? The kids always love soft play but you're looking for something different now they are getting a bit older. Have a look at these 5 ideas for your kids birthday party in the Dundee area.

1. Ancrum outdoor centre

Fancy an outdoor party? Ancrum outdoor centre have six different birthday party packages and includes an option for dry slope skiing starting from age 5+, indoor target archery from ages 8+ and dry slope snowboarding and introduction to climbing from from ages 12+.

You don't need a birthday as an excuse to take advantage of their facilities, check out their course calendar to see what's coming up or pop over to their facebook page to follow their goings on.


2. Dundee Science Centre

My kids love the Science Centre and I am considering this option for Jaime's birthday this year as I know she will love it! You follow the Science Centre over on facebook here.

They currently have the gross lab recommended for ages 4+ and a CSI mystery party recommend for ages 6+. Head on over to their party page for more information and free invitation downloads.


3. Ice Skating at Dundee Ice Arena

Ice skating is something I think I did a couple of times as a kid and never mastered but I remember it being a lot of fun! Dundee Ice Arena offer kids birthday parties at the weekend during the public skating session times. These parties are suitable for ages 7+ and are for 7-20 children. You can find out more information and contact details here and you can follow them on facebook here.


4. Go Karting at Scotkart

Scotkart have locations in Cambuslang, Clydebank and Dundee and offer kids birthday parties suitable from age 8+. Ages 8-13 use the Junior Track layout with ages 14+ racing on the full adult track. For more information head over to their website here, their Dundee facebook page is here.


5. Cinema party at the Odeon

Can you image being a kid and having a private cinema showing?! Yes the Odeon offer this but if that sounds a little crazy they also have packages for the kids weekend screenings (family films not currently on release) and blockbuster birthdays (current releases). You will need to contact them for pricing information, you can check out some FAQs and details here.


There are lots more options in and around Dundee, is there somewhere in particular you would recommend? If so I would love to hear from you!

P.s When researching this blog I also noticed there are two trampoline parks due to open in Dundee this year. Looking at their websites they will also be available for kids birthday parties. I'm looking forward to checking them out when they open!