Family photo shoot in Wormit, Fife

I grew up in Wormit and was excited to go back for this family photo shoot, I remember lots of beautiful sunsets by the Tay!

It was a little chilly and quite windy down by the shore when we arrived. The sun was due to set in a few hours and it was still pretty bright down by the bay so we went for a little walk while the sun was going down in the sky.

We walked up to the play park then followed the "back road" to the railway tunnel that had some gorgeous light which is where we captured these photos of the boys.

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_wormit_sunset_family_0005.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_wormit_sunset_family_0006.jpg

I do take "looking at the camera" photos but I love when mum or dad can get the laughter started just off camera!

We walked through the field back towards the bay with the sun just going down behind the hills. I love how the light from the sun just peeks over the hills and backlights everyone walking through the long grass. Sunset is my all time favourite time to shoot, we were a bit early for it here but the hills stopped it from being too bright and gives that sunset feel.

Wormit family photo shoot field sunset
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_wormit_sunset_family_0007.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_wormit_sunset_family_0013.jpg

When we got down to the shore we were quickly reminded of how windy it was, this frame caught Laura's hair at the perfect time!

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_wormit_sunset_family_0011.jpg
When you give your mum the BIGGEST squeeze!

When you give your mum the BIGGEST squeeze!

This final images is one of my all time favourites, there is a lot of love in that hug! 

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