An impromptu beach clean and a personal plea

Monday was a beautiful day here in Carnoustie so Andy and I decided to go out for a walk while both kiddos were at school in the afternoon. We were going to have a walk around Crombie but after driving near the beach and seeing how gorgeous it was we headed along the cycle path from Carnoustie towards Arbroath. I had no plans on taking any photos but as always I had my phone in my pocket, I'm glad I did.

Westhaven beach

We have lived in Carnoustie for 8 years and in that time I have never walked from Carnoustie along towards Westhaven and Easthaven. We have walked to Easthaven to Arbroath but that's another story!

The beaches here are beautiful, a mixture of sand, stones and rock pools. I love living by the coast and being so close to the beach. The walk along the cycle path was lovely and one I will be doing more often, I love walking by the sea!

Maybe it was because we didn't just find one spot to stay in as we usually do in the summer, or maybe because we didn't have the kids with us so our eyes and attention could be elsewhere but I started noticing litter on the beach. Once I noticed a bit of plastic or general rubbish to pick up I couldn't seem to stop noticing it.


Within a few minutes my hands were full and I couldn't carry anymore. We hadn't intended on going to the beach, if we had I may have had the forethought to bring a bag for a beach clean as it was something I had wanted to do for a few months. I felt disappointed at not being able to pick up more. You could say I was fortunate to find a huge, thick plastic bag lying on the beach and I turned it into my rubbish bag.


In addition to plastic bottles and beer cans I found plastic lighters, aerosol cans, tupperware, a golf ball, plastic gloves, plastic bags and a toilet brush to name a few. This was all collected in about half an hour on a small stretch of beach. 


The reason I am sharing this with you is to raise awareness. I had intended on taking the kids for a beach clean later in the year but I have to admit I didn't know our local beaches could be so full of plastic. We all want a better world for our kids, be the change you want to see in the world. If we all do a little it can end up being a lot. So I ask if you can pick it up, please do.

As a family we will make a walk on the beach a more regular occurrence, enjoy the fresh air, run from the waves, build sandcastles, look in the rock pools and while we are keeping our eyes peeled for shells we will also be on the lookout for litter and we won't be leaving it behind.

Catriona Scott