Carnoustie Beach Park photo shoot on a sunny March afternoon

It's still a little chilly out at the moment and the weekend is set to bring a bit more cold and maybe a little snow but fear not, Spring is on the horizon!

I do love snow and cosy Winter days at home but I have to admit I really love when we start to get more light and the seasons start to change. Clocks go forward soon (Sunday 25th of March) and sunset will jump forward to just after 7:30pm and will be nearly 8pm when we get to the Easter holidays!

If you haven't already been to Carnoustie Beach Park-it's awesome! It is right next to the beach, close to Carnoustie Golf Hotel and is a big hit with the kids.

carnoustie beach park black and white
Carnoustie beach park playing spring

The great thing about having a photo shoot in a park is that while the kids are busy climbing and playing it gives me the opportunity to photograph them being themselves. The key to natural looking photos is to get the kids involved in an activity or conversation and parks are full of things to do!

carnoustie beach park black and white
carnoustie beach park photo sunny