Watch me edit-Finlay at Sunset


Yesterday I uploaded a video to facebook to show you my editing style (i've popped it down below if you missed it!)

The pupose of the video was to show you the edits that I make to the photos that I take and the final image I end up with. I shoot RAW which is a type of file that gives you lots of information for post processing but means the image straight of the camera is a bit dull and needs a little bit of tweaking.

I always try to get the colours as accurate as possible, I tend to make the darks a little bit darker and the lights a little bit lighter while retaining as much detail as I can.


Technical details

All these photos were shot on a 35mm lens at 1.4, a shutter speed of 400 and ISO 200.

Editing wise I corrected the white balance (the colours), brightened them up a tad, added some contrast while reducing the highlights to bring back some of the detail in the sky, darked the blacks and lastly I changed the profile from adobe standard to camera standard.