Do this one thing for better phone photos

Your phone is with you most of the time and on hand to photograph your kids whenever and wherever. It is great to be able to catch those little moments that make you smile and that you want to share whether it's making sandcastles at the beach or that time your toddler decided lying down on the pavement made more sense than walking home.

Have you ever found that your photos ended up dark or blurry? This one simple change can improve the photos that you are taking.

What is it I hear you ask? Something simple and something you can start doing straight away-have your subject face the light or, if they are not looking at you but busy doing something else, make sure that when you take the photo that you are next to the light. Let me show you.

In this example I am going to use the window in my livingroom as the light source. I did try to get Finaly to sit on the footstool but it wasn't happening, bribery was involved to even get him to look at the camera!

light source.jpg
3 year old smiling looking up at camera

For me to get light on Finlay I need to move round by the window and take the photo from there. Whether Finlay is looking in my direction or not I am photographing him with my back to the window with the window light falling on him. Think of it like your subject is on stage and you need a light from the front to be able to see them. You might not be able to move your subject but you can move where you take the photo from. Having light on your subject makes it easy for a phone or a camera on auto to expose the scene well. 

The benefit of the subject looking towards the light is you get gorgeous catchlights. Catchlights are the reflection of the light in the subject's eyes. In this example they are a bit lower than I would like, I don't have much love for the light in my livingroom!

Give it a go, try moving about to get good light on your little ones and let me know if it helps. This tip is one of 5 in my free pdf download 5 Top Tips to improve your phone photos of your kids which is included in my free email course. Click here to sign up!