Your checklist for a successful family photo shoot

Here are some pointers to help set yourself up for a great family photo shoot.

Firstly, find a photographer who's work you love. Do you like studio, outdoor or at home images? Do you like natural images or more posed ones? Photography is such a personal thing with each photographer seeing things differently. So look about and find a photographer who suits you.

Once you have found your photographer don't hesitate in asking them any questions that you have. Your photographer will welcome any queries you have and be able to answer them and put your mind at ease.


Your checklist


1. Schedule your family photo shoot for a time that works for your kids

Do they nap? Are they in good spirits in the morning or afternoon? As a photographer it is important for me to find good light and that is dependant on the location and the time of day. I adore shooting at sunset but if your little ones will be tired then it may not be a good time for them. Great light doesn't do anything to help unhappy kiddos and without happy kids we won't get very far!


2. Keep your kids informed of the plan of action

After speaking with your photographer you know where you will be for your photo shoot and what you will be doing. Letting your kids know will help them during the session so they know what to expect.


3. Plan out your clothing in advance

Check out my what to wear blog post here for tips on how to decide what to wear.


4. Relax

Easier said than done, I know! Once you have asked your photographer all the questions you have, have a good idea of how your photo shoot is going to go and know what you are wearing it just leaves the photo shoot itself. Your photographer will have a plan of action and know what they are doing so relax and trust them. You may be worried that your kids have a meltdown or don't want to co-operate, family photographers are used to working with kids and many (like me!) are parents too. I am always sensing kids reactions while talking to them and photographing them and know when to move on to try a different tact. No need to worry, we've got this!


5. Snacks and drinks

Having snacks and drinks for before or after your photo shoot can be a great move. Better to have them on hand than not!

(Click the infographic below to download your own copy)