Tentsmuir family photo shoot on a blustery October day

Before this windy Autumn day last October I hadn't visited Tentsmuir in about 12 years.

When we were kids we would visit and spend the day at the beach there. I remember we would pay for the car park by giving cash to someone manning a little hut then park the car in amongst the trees. I remember the sea being what seemed like miles away and the wet sand being great for running on for those many trips back and forth with buckets full of water for sandcastles.

All fond memories that all came flooding back when I met up with this awsome family back in October for their family photography session.

Things have changed a little, there is a barrier to pay to get in now (£2). I was waiting for some time for a ticket to come out while frantically looking for more change thinking it hadn't accepted what I had put in. Turns out there is not ticket and the barrier was up waiting for me the whole time!

Enough reminiscing and car barrier fails, onto some gorgeous family photography with a wonderful family. I am in love with the rich colours from this session!

Harry and Toby cycled while we walked to the old Ice House, that is when the drizzle began! As we were amongst the trees there was no sign of the wind (hurrah!) but it started to get misty and wet as soon as we set foot on the beach (boo!). I love these photographs of the boys, silly faces and giggles always make me smile! 

Tentsmuir colours.jpg
Tentsmuir forest and beach

We were fortunate to get a cloudy day meaning we could venture out from the shade and into the soft light on the beach, drizzle and all!  After a short walk down on to the beach we headed back for shelter, walking (and cycling!) through the forest.

tentsmuir forest and beach fife

Although I didn't get a chance to visit I did see the Crepe Shack and as much as I plan to take my own family back to Tentsmuir I also plan to pay the shack a visit, it looks amazing!

If you are looking for a beautiful sandy beach Tentsmuir is the place to go. If you are looking for a variety of forest walks you're also covered. Check out a map and information on the area here.