Top tips on what to wear for your photography session

girl running on the beach towards the sea

You’ve booked your photo shoot (yay!) but you’re thinking, “What should the kids wear? What should I wear?!” You are investing in your images and want to rock it. Worry no longer, here are some tips to help you decide what to wear for your photography session.

It used to be that everyone wore white tops and denim for the photos, simple and straightforward, but photography has evolved since then. With relaxed and natural family images there is so much choice, how do you choose?

First of all, what colours do you like? Have a think about where you are looking to display your images, what is the decor in that room like? You can choose colours that compliment that room for your wall art. You just need an idea of one colour and this amazing Design Seeds website will show you countless options, I absolutely LOVE this site. I also follow them on facebook where they post gorgeous colour palettes every day that I ooo and ahh over!

Location tip

Don't forget to take into consideration where you are having your photographs taken. Wearing  green in the middle of a forest in summer is more likely to result in you blending in than standing out and we want to be able to see you!


So you have your colours sorted but now what? Mum's I'm going to recommend something here- you choose your outfit first. I know, I know your first thought was looking up cute outfits for the kids then finding something for you but hear me out. Finding an outfit you  love and feel awesome in will help you relax and feel more comfortable in front of the camera and your kids will take their steer from you. If you leave yourself until last you may be trying to find anything that matches everyone else, put yourself first for a change, you are more than worth it!

Cold weather tip

Layers, layers, layers. Rather than bulky coats layer up. The kids may be running around and end up taking layers off even over the colder months anyway. Different layers give you different textures and can tie everything together as well as keep you super cosey.

Last but certainly not least-

What to avoid

Avoid clothing with large logos, writing or pictures on them-these will stand out in your photographs and you want your eye to be drawn to the faces and emotion of the image rather than logos.


So there you have it, some tips on what to wear for your photo session! To find out what happens from booking to recieving your order head on over here to find out.