Newborn lifestyle photography and why I love it!

newborn baby lying in their cot, blog banner for Catriona Scott Photography

Those first few weeks and months of your tiny baby being in the world seem fleeting when you think back. At the time you are busy with this amazing new addition to your family their first birthday feels a long way off!

Your little one changes so much so fast. They grow and learn at the rate of knots and before you know it you have a baby that smiles, a baby that laughs, a baby that sits, crawls and then walks!

When it comes to newborn photography there are generally two main styles. There is the sleepy, posed newborn images, sometimes with props and wraps then there is the lifestyle option at your home.

If you are not too keen on those posed sleeping shots and would like a relaxed, natural approach to photographing your family, then a lifestyle session if for you.

Newborn baby looking at the camera held in mum's arms

Getting not only yourself but a newborn baby ready to head out the door for an appointment can be a challenge. You don’t need to worry about getting organised and heading out to a studio as I come to your home and photograph your family for you there.

The personal link with lifestyle photography speaks to me. No plain paper backdrops, your home is your backdrop. 

You don’t need to worry about your baby having to sleep through poses, it is the “every day” that I capture for you. A snapshot of your life with your new tiny human!

We will arrange a date and time (which may be subject to change depending on when your little one arrives!) and I will come to your home, camera in hand. We would have had a chat by phone before then to discuss your session. There may be a few different rooms in your home we can use, for example,  the nursery, the master bedroom or living room.

Your tiny little bundle in their cot that seems so huge (believe it or not they will be too big for it before you know it!), cuddles with mummy and daddy, the gorgeous details of tiny feet and little fingers curled round mummy and daddy’s  fingers. These are your moments, your every day, your everything, and that is what I love to capture. Although I can't freeze time I can document these moments in your life,  and that is something I take pride in and the reason I do what I do.