Is professional family photography on its way out?

Is professional Family photography on it's way out?-3.jpg

Mobile phones can take amazing photos on auto, why bother paying a professional photographer?

The camera you have on you is the best camera to have. Yes, I'm a professional photographer and yes, I encourage parents to take photos of their kids.

I feel documenting your life and your kids life through photographs is an amazing thing to do. I also help parents with the "technical" side of things to improve the photos they take whether that is with their own camera or a mobile phone. If you can get great looking photos yourself, the question that remains, does that mean professional family photography is on its way out?

Why should you take photos yourself?

Life is busy and the older I get the faster the years seem to speed by. We're juggling so much that when we stop to look back and scroll through the photos we've taken over the years we smile at the memories but also feel that pang, how the kids were, how they've changed, how much they have grown. You remember days you might have otherwise forgotten.

Take the photo, take the photo, take the photo.

 Yes I totally took a picture of a toy T-Rex and Finlay asked me to take photos of his socks!

Yes I totally took a picture of a toy T-Rex and Finlay asked me to take photos of his socks!

It is amazing that technology gives us this gift. I remember being a kid and getting disposable cameras and sending them away in a green packet for a pound to get them developed not knowing if any would come out. Now we can take a photo at no extra cost with a device we normally have close to hand. We can see if it’s a blur and take it again, we can take 4k video, take slow mo videos of jumping in puddles or the faces of pure joy when our littles ones are pushed high on the swing. We can share all of this via our phone to family and friends, we can even share it all with the world via social media. We have the ability to document our lives in a way we never did before and that is an amazing thing.

Back them up!

Google drive or iCloud may cost a few pounds a month and I know it's unlikely something happens to your phone but what if it does?

Phone contracts are one, two, even three years long. Imagine you have a year of your kids life documented and you lose your phone or it just gives up one day-how do you feel? Helpless, regretful, why? Because our memories fade and photos are a real and tangible. Live your life, take the  photo and make sure those photos are safe, they are not something you can put a price on until they aren’t there anymore.

Why hire a professional photographer?

With high pixels and instant results you are pleased with, why should you consider a professional photographer? If you have a look through your phone you see photos of your kids, selfies with them, photos that make you smile (photos worth backing up and keeping safe!). So really the question is, what’s missing? What can I bring to your family photography? Yes as a professional I understand light to make beautiful images, I invest in my equipment to produce high quality images but there is more to what I do than the technical aspect.


What I really bring to the table to the ability to capture the laughter and connection for your whole family and yes, that means you too! You know those moments when you hold your little one close and they just sink into you, when all feels well with the world and you are holding in your arms your absolute everything. That is an example of a moment that you can’t take a selfie of. Photos that not only you and your kids will look back, but your grandkids too.

My family sessions are directed, I don’t put you in front of the camera and expect anyone to “act natural”. There are cuddles and silly faces, there are tickles and holding hands. There is interaction between you and your family, there is connection, and that is when the smiles are real and memories that go alongside of that are priceless.


Professional photography is an investment and it’s not something everyone wants to invest in. People see value in different things, photographers all have different styles and different perspectives. My style is not right for everyone but for some people it’s the perfect fit.

If you see the value in professional photography find the photographer who is your perfect fit. It may not be me but there is someone out there who can photograph your world in a way you want to remember.

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Halloween events this weekend in your local area

local events 2018.jpg

There is no doubt about it, it’s Autumn, it’s dark (remember the clocks are changing this Sunday!) and it’s cold but before we get anywhere near Christmas it’s Halloween!

There are lots of events on this coming weekend and at the time of writing this it looks like it will be a dry weekend too (fingers crossed!). No plans yet? Let me run through some of the local events and you can see if any take your fancy!

  1. Wand Workshop, Crombie


On both Saturday and Sunday this weekend you can attend an hourly session to make your own wand!

“Explore your inner wizardry by designing and decorating your own wand in time for Halloween. All materials are supplied but you maust cast your own spells! 

Hourly sessions from 10am till 3pm

£5.90 Adult
£4.30 Concession

Book your tickets online or contact the Park for more details on 01241 860360 or”

Also, between now and the end of the month you can take a walk round Crombie and look out for the hidden spooky characters on their Ghost and Pumpkin Trails! Don't worry, I was up last week and people weren’t hiding behind trees waiting to give you a fright (that’s when I’d find out how fast I could really run!) so definitely family friendly and fun for the kids to explore and keep a look out for ghosts and other spooky characters.

You can buy a trail form from reception for £1, the event is free.

2. The Brownie of Ferne Den & The Den Fiend, Monikie


These are two separate events in association with Monifieth Amateur Dramatics being held this weekend at Monikie.

“In a time, once, long ago, when fairies and bogles lived among us, there was one magical creature who used his powers for mischief. But Farmer Angus and his wife Jeannie have a kindness that is catching, and perhaps the mischief maker can use any powers to make that world of old a better place.

Has your sock gone astray? Did that door slam with no one there? And who was that tapping on the window?! It could have been...The Brownie of Ferne Den!”

This is an open air theatre event lasting 45 minutes, make sure you wrap up warm as it kicks off when the sun is down at 6:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Click here for full information and links to buy tickets. We might see you there!

The Den Fiend is on at 8pm-9pm on both Saturday and Sunday from ages 14+. You can find out more information on the event here.

3. Halloween at Glamis Castle


From having a read about this weekend at Glamis Castle it looks pretty spooky! If you have been in previous years it would be great to hear from you, I found The Sixth Sense film scary so it doesn’t take much to give me a fright!

“Please be aware that the Haunted Tour, the Bewitched Wood and the Adults Only Halloween Tour feature dark surroundings, frightening ghosts and spooky stories. Parental discretion is advised.”

You can find more information and book tickets via their website here.

4. Craigtoun Halloween Event

KY16 8NX

“Numbers are strictly limited so don’t miss out –
call our Ticket Office on 01334 472013 to book yours now!

Tickets cost £7.50 per person (adults need a ticket too but under 3s are free)
and include a hot or cold drink, a Halloween sweet treat and a ghostly tractor ride,
as well as a kids disco, party games, spooky story telling, letter trail,
lantern competition and fancy dress parade.”

You can find some photos from previous years events on the Craigtoun website here.

5. Halloween Storytelling, Barry Mill


I love walking up by Barry Mill, they have different events on all year round so it’s worth keeping an eye on their facebook page. This event is on Sunday at both 5pm and 6pm (45 minutes long).

“Come & listen - if you dare! Halloween was a time for storytelling around the fire like no other! We want you to come along and experience spooky, funny and occasionally gruesome tales in that tradition.Our corn drying kiln is perfect for this as you'll be sitting above a giant 'cauldron of fire'!

Child £4
Adult £5
Family (1 adult and up to 3 children) £10

Available online and on the eve itself subject to availability

For reasons of limited space, only one adult can accompany the children into the storytelling area - but we do expect that all children must be supervised inside or outside of the haunted tower. Recommended ages 6+”

You can find more information here.

Do you know of any other Halloween events this weekend you would like added to the list? Let me know!

A beautiful sunny morning at Tentsmuir Forest, Fife

If you love to be by the sea and love to walk through the trees (two of my favourite things!) you can get the best of both worlds at Tentsmuir.

The plan of the morning was to go for a walk and capture these two adorable brothers exploring and playing. We made room for some cuddles and giggles too! Here are a few of my favourite images from their session-


At 10am the late September sun was filtering through the trees and creating beautiful light in this perfect little spot so this is where we started before we went walkabouts!


Off at breakneck speed we went to explore and found…


We also went for a quick play the park where there were some serious climbing skills on display!


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The local business helping you make a big difference, Sea No Waste, Arbroath

The local business helping you make a big difference, Sea No Waste, Arbroath

Our store is completely plastic free for the customer. Any Product that is in packaging is fully biodegradable or can be composted, even our till stickers are eco friendly.

We hope that our store can be a catalyst for change in our county and highlight the need for more business to be more aware of recycling and if their are alternatives out there.

An at home baby photo shoot, Angus, Scotland

Families often prefer to be photographed outdoors but when it comes to little babies photo shoots they are held at home in the cool shade of a summers day or cosied indoors on the colder months.

At home you’re in your own environment, with your photographs personalised to your life as it is in that moment. You’re not having to travel and pack up nappies, a change (or three!) of clothes and everything else that goes with venturing out with your little one (whether they be a newborn or 6 months old!).

I love at home sessions for both babies and families. Not only are the photographs a snapshot of the people and their connection at that time of their lives but also their surroundings, of home. A big benefit is also that you can have a photo shoot at home rain or shine and during any month of the year!

I was contacted by Laser Vision Scotland recently who had run a competition giving away a baby photo shoot as a prize with the winner living a short drive from Carnoustie. From there I got in touch with the winner, Emma and arranged to visit her at home with her baby girl who was 6 weeks old at the time.

Emma and I had a chat on the phone before we met and I walked through what the session would look like, that feeding and changing while I was there were likely as baby sessions are baby led, that we could have a cuppa and a natter, take our time and capture some beautiful photos of them both at home.

Emma suggested we use her rocking chair towards the end of our time together and I am so glad she did as those are some of my favourite images from her session!

Thank you Laser Vision Scotland for entrusting me to be your photographer and to Emma for welcoming me into her home and allowing me to share her session images with you all.

Big yawns!

This is Zeus, he was very sweet!

Nearly asleep….

Sweet dreams little one ❤️

Are you interested in a newborn, baby or family photo shoot? For instant access to photo shoot information and FAQS click below!

A relaxed at home Newborn Lifestyle Session on a sunny June afternoon

newborn session.jpg

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this little baby boy, his big brother and his mummy at their home.

I absolutely love lifestyle newborn sessions and I have been looking forward to sharing some of my favourites from this session with you!

For more information on newborn lifestyle sessions you can download my newborn session guide in the freebies section (link at the bottom of this blog post).

newborn session monifieth angus.jpg

You can download your copy of my newborn session guide here!

Balmerino in the Autumn, a Mummy & Me photo shoot

Autumn seems so far away now Summer it's way but before we know it the leaves will start changing, the days will be getting darker and the magic of October sessions will be back!

I hadn't been to Balmerino in many years and I didn't know about this path going from the beach and through the trees by the river. This was a place Claire and the kids loved to visit so it was a natural choice for their photo shoot. The kids were happy and relaxed showing me the way through the trees and over the little bridges. There was plenty swinging on a rope swing, lots of giggles and a fair bit of fun in the Autumn leaves as you can see below!

The sun started to set towards the end of the photo shoot giving a gorgeous warm light over the final images-If you hadn't realised by now, I LOVE sunset!

Here are some of my favourite images from this session-

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We think we're not enough, do our kids agree?

We think we're not enough, but do our kids agree?-2.jpg

I have an exciting video project in the pipeline and I am looking for volunteers, let me explain-

Your day has been manic and it’s not even lunch time. Your youngest managed to get yoghurt all over the carpet while you were frantically looking for your house keys you “put in a safe place” to be able to get out to nursery on time. You feel frazzled, unorganised, you’re running late and feel like you’re not managing adulting very well let alone parenting. Ok, that was me last week....

Sometimes you feel like you’re on top of everything and it’s great. You feel like it’s manageable and wonder why it was ever a struggle. Then it all goes a little bit mental and you wonder how you ever managed to keep on top of everything. 

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_carnoustie_home_family_0022.jpg

We all have self doubt when it comes to parenting. We worry because we care, because we love our children more than anything else in the world and we want the best for them. Unfortunately we can feel our best isn’t good enough. Let me tell you this, you are enough, even if you don't feel like it.

Think of your kids. What do they think about you? What do they love doing with you? Do you know? 

You fiercely love your kids no matter what (now is a good time to link to this book, my voice always goes when I read this to my kids!) and they love you back unconditionally. 

They love that you make them laugh. They love when you chat to them walking along the road. They love when you build that awesome looking tower out of duplo even if they do take quite a bit of joy in pushing it over. They love it when they get to play on their own or with their friends and they love that you are there when they need you.


You are their everything and you’re doing good.  


Yes we all learn every day on how we could have handled things differently. We talk to other parents, read books and articles online about having more patience, about how to raise our kids to be confident and a whole manner of other things to help us do the best we can for our kids. I'm not saying our learning as parents stops or we're all perfect. I am saying you are doing your best, you love your children and you are doing a good job.

My video project involves short interviews with mums and their kids. It involves asking kids ahed 4-6 to describe their mum and what they love about them. Successful participants will receive the final footage of these mini interviews as a thank you. If you are interested in taking part please fill out this application form and I will be back in touch!





Playing in the mud at Crombie Country Park, Angus

Crombie Country Park, Part 1

The weather this Easter holiday hasn't always been on our side for getting out and about. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we headed off to Crombie Country Park with the kids for a walk around the Loch then a play at the playpark there.

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0034.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0035.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0027.jpg

There were lots of opportunities to run, hide behind trees and balance on the ones that had been cut down (that was a firm favourite!).

It had been raining the day before so there were also a few muddy patches. I hadn't foreseen the impact that would have...

catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0028.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0041.jpg
catriona scott photography_portraits_photoshoot_family_crombie_angus_0042.jpg

Quite quickly Finlay discovered some muddy sections and was not keen to move on. We moved on from mud patch to mud patch until he found a really good bit with thick squelchy mud, fell on his bottom, got back up and stomped and splashed about some more and refused to leave his little patch of heaven. 

We were still near the beginning of our walk and it had taken quite a lot of negotiation to get that far so we decided to head back the way we came and head to the play park. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses!

I'm working on incorporating video clips into my personal work. For a super quick slideshow and some muddy footage check out the video below-

We will be visiting Crombie again soon as I love the walk there and the kids really love looking out for wildlife (there are swans!) and playing at the park. Fingers crossed we get a little bit further along next time and I can photograph and film more of it to show you.

From April through to the end of September car parking charges apply (£2.80) so remember to bring some change!


Why you should consider a sunset session

Why I love photographing at sunset.jpg

As a photographer it is my mission to find good light so I can create gorgeous images for my clients.

When the sun is high in the sky you get harsh shadows and the bright sun can cause people to squint their eyes so finding some shade is a must.

Here is an excerpt from the free download 5 Top Tips to improve your phone photos of your kids-

You can see above the difference it makes finding some shade. In the top photo Jaime is squinting and you can see harsh shadows on her face. On the bottom photo Jaime has nice even light over her face and she can open her eyes, makes for a much better image!

Sunset is a popular time of day for photographers to shoot because the sun is low in the sky and can give a beautiful golden backlight to your images. You can backlight your images at any time of the day but you keep more detail in the photograph at sunrise and sunset and the light has an extra special quality that I absolutely love.  

Open shade on an overcast day Tentsmuir, Fife

I love the light in the photograph above but do you see the difference between this image and the ones below?

morning sun, backlit, Backmuir Wood, Dundee, Angus



walking through field near sunset Wormit, Fife
brought ferry beach dundee

The thing about living in Scotland is we can't guarantee a sunny sunset! Although there is always the possibility it may be overcast if you love this light like I do it is certainly worth thinking about when you schedule the time of your session.

We might not all love the shorter days but it does mean that as the sun sets earlier in the day families with  young children can take advantage of this amazing light before it gets too late past bedtime.